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Student, Blogger, and Dreamer in Madison, Wisconsin

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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone :)

Syaza Nazura is an Actuarial Science senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA who is hoping to pursue graduate school in Student Affairs / Higher Education / Human Ecology / Youth Development.

She has a mixture of interests, ranging from outdoor activities like basketball, netball and camping, to indoor and quiet activities like reading and napping. She loves volunteer work and aims to do at least one volunteer work every year.

Her passion to inspire other people sparked when she attended UKEC's [i]MPACT event in August 2012. That was when she made it her life's mission to create a change in this world, to inspire others to fulfill their dreams and wishes and to realize their true potentials. Her medium to do so?


She is the owner of Silent Confessions, a personal and inspirational blog, where she writes about her personal experiences and shares tips for her readers.

Adorably cute, amazingly awesome, and downright vain. Yeah, that's her. Also a full-time blogger and reader, and part-time photographer and writer.

If you want to know more about her, feel free to drop a question or two here.

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