Sydney Chandler

Filmmaker, Writer, and Journalist in Los Angeles, California

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Sydney has written, produced and filmed documentaries on military challenges for the US ARMY ROTC and received the Commander's Award from the University of Southern California and the US Army, recognizing her work on the documentary “A Ranger's Challenge". Sydney also received a special pin and acknowledgment from the Department of Defense.

She's written and filmed additional documentaries; "The Nighthawk", chronicling the life and career of NASCAR driver Felix Giles; a four part documentary - "The Forgotten Women - A Series of Firsts" and currently in development on documentaries - "They Don't Know What We Do", "The Invisible Royals", "The Truth In Music" and "The Fair Play, Fair Pay Act".

In addition to documentaries, Sydney has written and executive produced a Sci-Fi TV series titled "The Becks" and a period drama set in Hollywood during the late 50's, "The Flesh Peddlers"; short films -"The Friend Corps." and "The Type-A Murderer's Handbook"; feature films - "The Cote", an action/adventure film set on the French Riviera that spans from the 60's to the 70's; "The Maids of Saragossa"; Empress Wu"; "The Orbiters", a horror film; and a Sci-Fi drama "The Timekeeper's Handshake".

​Sydney is at the helm of SCM Entertainment and Media, Madd Peach Productions and served on the Board of Directors of the Global Doo Wop Coalition/Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame. She is the chief negotiator for a contingent to bring the Doo Wop Hall of Fame to Los Angeles. Sydney also manages and serves as a publicist for various music, film and TV professionals, as well as artists and entertainment related organizations.

As a freelance journalist, she's covered award shows, movie premieres, red carpets, the Summer and Winter Olympics, in addition to the Special Olympics and general assignments. Sydney is the host of "The Chatter", a site dedicated to entertainment, politics and human interest stories. She's a special projects consultant in sports and entertainment and has a background in film editing, marketing, PR, event planning and producing, broadcast journalism, international business practices, business management, risk management, foreign affairs and Egyptology.

I believe life is a wonderful journey and I want to explore, enjoy and savor as much of it as I can. Professionally, I am dedicated to putting forth projects that have depth and purpose as well as entertain and inspire.

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