Sylvester (Syl) DiDiego

Facilitator, Venture Coach, and Public Speaker in New Jersey

Syl empowers, facilitates and leads entrepreneurs to design, launch, finance, and scale products, services and businesses. Key success metrics are customer delight, income generation, and team satisfaction. He specializes in lean, fast innovation with minimal or no investment. He is active in the areas of health, wellness, eShopping, eCommerce, ProSumerism and more.

Specific SERVICES offered by Syl are: entrepreneur coaching, facilitated collaborative co-creation workshops, keynote speaker, and master of ceremonies.

Syl supports social causes including: better wellness through nutrition, fitness and prevention; hunger alleviation innovations (apps/service systems); and energy/environment neutral housing.

  • Work
    • Freelance
  • Education
    • Harvard College
    • Harvard University
    • Mitsubishi Corporation
    • Leadership New York
    • Mitsubishi Bank Global Emerging Leaders