Syporca Whandal

Artist, Writer, and Photographer in Budapest, Magyarország

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SYPORCA WHANDAL a multidisciplinary experimental artist who focuses primarily on visual arts - exhibitions, performances and visual presence, but she deals with writing, poems, funzines, and sound poetry.
She stretchs the ambivalent limits of death and immortality, purity, and sin. Her creative fanaticism goes beyond the fictitious manifested labyrinth of linear goals as her physical being and creative power find restlessness in the pseudo-existence eternal uneasiness.
The works surrounded that Babel sized tower of shit where our roar is not heard by the non-existent destroyer... Who can only digest with the ruthless resignations of humanity to himself, which is pushing down on our throat right now...
The creative egoism goes beyond the fictitious labyrinth of linear goals.
"Fuck your money! I want your soul! " Anyone who stay human will be immortal in the rest.