Stacy Zallie

post abortion support groups in USA

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Address: PO Box 154 Centerport, NY 11721

Abortions often result in severe emotional pain, regret and trauma and once a young woman finds herself in this position, post abortion support groups can be literally life-saving. Post abortion counseling is needed to mitigate the risks and what can be devastating consequences. The mission of is to provide women with a safe, supportive environment to share their grief and get the post abortion care they need to transition into a healthy, happy life. The Stacy Zallie Foundation was founded in honor of Stacy Zallie, who at age 20 was the victim of a coerced abortion, which violated her personal, moral and spiritual beliefs. We believe that if Stacy had access to post abortion support groups and received the post abortion counseling she needed, then she would still be with us today.