Demeter Sztanko

London, United Kingdom

My name is Demeter Sztanko. People call me Dimi. I am a geek dealing with all aspects of data and data visualisation. I love maps.

Things I currently do for fun:

Walks.IO - using open data and artificial intelligence to generate nice walking routes in England. Here are some presentation slides on it I did for Geomob 2013/10.

Things I did for fun:

On Sosltice And City Planning - all streets aligned towards the summer and winter solstice - yet another "where should I live in London" site, with travel time choropleth maps, crosslet and horrible UX - visualisation and some analysis of the popular routes based on data from London Barclays Cycle Hire

Crosslet - Crossfilter + Leaflet. Have a look

I also did some talk on how to make maps using D3 in March 2013. 80 slides. Probably outdated by the time you are reading this

I made my own basemap using Tilemill once, just to realise making maps is actually really hard.

Things I do for living:

I am a data architect. I deal with larger then average datasets, tools from hadoop ecosystem, massively parallel processing systems and data warehouses

Where can you meet me:

I am there on almost every Geomob

sometimes you can see me at Openstreetmap drinkups, SOTM and other geo meetups.

Information on hiring:

I am not for hire

I am not a front end developer. It is my hobby only.