Tadej Peršič

IT engineer, Blogger, and Volunteer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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I am coming from a small town Ljubljana (it has approx. 300.000 residents), the capital of Slovenia, where I was born on July 13 in early ’80s, and where I still live today.

It is hard to describe oneself in one sentence, but here it goes:

>> I see myself as a liberal & easy-going guy and also as >> a rationalist, skeptic and critical thinker.

Regarding my education... I was studying Architecture at first, but then I switched to the IT field; namely, in 2009 I started attending thecollege, and became an Engineer of Information Technology.

I love solving computer issues in general. I especially like to solve OS & software problems, problems with local network and/or internet etc.

P.S. I’ve shortened my "Bio" for more than 60% after about.me completely changed its outlook in 2016.

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    • Self-Employed
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    • College of Information Technology