Everybody Tai Fung Tonight!

Washington, DC

"Tai Fung" is my handle from the MMORPG "Asheron's Call." It's a lovely game, and has served as a nice pseudonym for online crapola. I use it because by day, I'm an attorney with the Feds, just an OK distance runner (shooting for a sub-4 hour marathon), and sucky triathlete. That sport is also VERY expensive, but I keep trying!

In mid 2010, I sustained the leading edge of a serious knee injury. I ran on it anyway. This resulted in me missing ALL of 2011, and 2012 was spent running short distances. I'm hopeful that 2013 will see me back, although I guess I'll always be slower. Don't run while injured. It will come back to bite you.

I was the CLASSIC high school nerd. I still am, but I'm no longer scared of Jocks or Preppies.

I am squarely pro-science, and anti-extremist. "South Park" often mirrors my take on an issue. Pick an issue, we usually match. And curse. A lot! If mere words can offend you, it's your problem, not mine.

I'm a proponent of the Skepticism movement (think James Randi and the JREF). I consider myself "Agnostic," as most would call it. Anti-vaccination nuts, and 9/11 "inside job" idiots can expect to be blocked (or told to fuck off).

My blog has a list of my personal favorite of my own tweets. They are a pretty good cross section of who I am.

I delete @reply tweets very frequently. The full explanation why is in my blog. Nothing personal. I'm all about a clean TL.

FYI: The former "complete Twitter list" of everyone connected with the wonderful musical, "The Book of Mormon," has been deleted. It's a great show, but I am no longer a follower of anyone associated with it. The explanation why is also in my blog.

Finally, because some have asked, the background photo (which is also my Twitter background) was taken in Maui 2012 with my phone's camera. No filter. That's just how sunsets in Hawaii look!