Talita Jenman

Student in London, United Kingdom

Talita Jenman

Student in London, United Kingdom

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Creative and enthusiastic with a music and arts background and a love of bright colours.

Passionate about music since an early age - ran a festival, presented a radio show, managed publicity for a record label, fell in love with Rival Sons...

...then discovered i love to paint and draw, so now also obsessed with fine art.

Up until recently I was running the Arts & Culture programme at ZSL London Zoo.

Gave two talks at The National Gallery on Feb 26th and May 9th about art & animals.

Joined Rival Sons www.rivalsons.com on tour again with Black Sabbath May - July 2016 as their Communications Manager.

Working on an MA in Art & Visual Culture until January 2017.

*Current status: writing my dissertation... slowly*

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