Tamara Laine

Reporter and Filmmaker in New York

Tamara Laine

Reporter and Filmmaker in New York

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I am a senior correspondent and host of the original documentary series Inflection Point for Karma, where I provide unique insight into the world of impact investing and the next generation of social enterprise.

Prior to joining the Karma team, I was a nightly on-air news reporter for the Fox Broadcast News show “Chasing News,” where I helped launch a new wave of news programming in 2013. While reporting for Fox Broadcast News, I utilized the incorporation of new technology and social media in nightly newscasts.

I like to analyze how global events affect citizens and local communities and how these issues connect to larger trends in technology, society, and business. My latest article published in the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development analyzes the conflict of interest between country’s citizenship policies and the global fight against terrorism.

I have produced content for HBO, AOL, E! Entertainment, and MTV. I've also produced my own films, including a recent film, Scratching the Surface, documenting the release genetically modified mosquitoes in a small American town. The film has been recognized at the international Accolade Film Festival as an “outstanding short documentary.”

My goal is to continuously work to advance human rights, women’s equality, and strengthen government accountability.

In 2012, I was a Public Engagement Fellow at The New School, researching and analyzing emerging educational trends as they relate to the changing landscape of higher education. While there, I helped design a conceptual model for institutions to utilize to enhance nontraditional students’ experiences in and out of the classroom.

I also contributed to the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. In 2013, I helped produce a series of documentaries highlighting the campaign's work at the United Nations. At the same time, organized a global live streamed video conference event and day of awareness that brought together advocates, scientists, roboticists, government officials, military leaders, and educators to discuss the ethics of autonomous weapons.

I am a Global Ambassador for Same Sky, an organization dedicated to empowering women and their success through trade initiatives.

I am a graduate of The New School with a Master of Arts in International Affairs. While there, I was an Osher and Jacobson and Newcombe Scholar recipient, a Public Engagement Fellow, and New Challenge Awardee.

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