Tamaro Mack

Music Producer, Song Writer, and Artist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Do You take your Craft very Seriously?

Are You willing to invest in your SOUND ,

as well as YOURSELF to be the BEST Artist you can be?

This is designed for the DIY Music Pioneers!

For those of you who aren't familiar with me, my name is Tamaro Mack.

Song Writer/Music Producer and founder of Prolific illumination Music Group

A Independent label with Major Talent and appeal.

Located in Milwaukee WI. I've been conducting business behind the scenes for over 10 years with a myriad of Independent Business Owners, Artist and Producers.

I Feel Like I'm Well on my way to the Super Producer/Song Writer Title.

This DIY Pioneer is destined for greatness in the entertainment industry.

Music Producer/Song Writer/Mix Engineer

Recording Studio Sessions $100/song

I'm sure you've spent Countless hours Writing that Perfect Song,and Promoting Mixtape after Mixtape.


Isn't it time to get a return on your investment?

OK I Agree! Everyone Needs a little Help and Encouragement Now and Then and 2 Heads are Better then one



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