Tamiya Tenner

I am a Mother - of 2 gorgeous boys, born May 2007 & Aug 2010.

I am a Blogger - of my views, opinions, life experiences and my children.

I am a Creator - of handmade felt goodies, and baby can't-live-without-why-haven't-I-bought-THIS-sooner.

I am a Twittizen - of Twittervale, where my friends live in my phone.

I am a Semi-SocialMedia-holic - of the online universe, where my mobile devices hardly ever leave my side (even when I sleep)

I am a Worker - of an office job, normal 8 to 5 hours, where I analyze sales figures.

I am a Person - of a nice nature, I like to believe.

I am a Friend - of everyone, I have very little qualms.

I am a Fiancée - of a very special man, who allows me to be me, indulges my whims, and keeps my feet on the ground.

I Am Me.