Taneli Heinonen

Helsinki, Finland.

I stand with one foot rooted in social sciences and the other in business and design. My method for solving business problems is re-framing them as cultural challenges to apply the theoretical and methodological toolboxes of the social sciences to analyse them. I always translate the analysis to the task at hand. Deliverables tend to be anything from design drivers and business recommendations to new service or marketing concepts.

I work in the currently messy, abstract, and buzzword-filled field of service design companies, insight strategists, innovation consultancies, brand agencies, and market researchers. I think this cauldron has a lot of fruitful ingredients besides the mere hubris and I wish to do my share in bringing some clarity to the table and enhancing the good ingredients.

I've spent time working in a strategic consultancy that builds on ethnographic research and a service design agency that translates insights into tangible conceptual solutions visible in interior design, brand visuals, and service models. I enjoy seeing high-quality consumer insights become high-quality business solutions that provide real value for consumers.

  • Work
    • Insight Specialist
  • Education
    • Cultural Analysis