Tania Blanco

Communications Consultant, Writer, and Inner Power Advocate in Switzerland

Tania Blanco

Communications Consultant, Writer, and Inner Power Advocate in Switzerland

Business and Integrated Brand Communications with soul and purpose.


Nowadays, I help soul & purpose-driven entrepreneurs to stand out with their message, bring forward a genuine and authentic brand and stay true to their essence, genius and highest vision.

Together, we work side by side to create a map to their online and offline communications and implement it. My approach is Integrated Communication that connects the dots between branding, marketing, PR, non-verbal communication and digital identity, as well as the "inner communications" that gives life to their business with heart, mind and Soul.


I have loved communication and writing since childhood.

Who knew that when I discovered the joy of the radio at age of 3, when I gathered my first kid's club to birth creative ideas that were aired in a local radio-station (at age 7), or when I was writing scripts for a local TV station at 12 years old, it was just the beginning of a beautiful adventure in the world of communication...


With more than 25 years experience in different areas of the communication's "geography", I've worn many hats: communication's teacher, reporter, correspondent, editorial coordinator, freelance journalist, press relations manager; director of public relations, communications officer, public speaker, trainer, chief of online communications, communication's consultant & strategist, digital marketing consultant, community manager. Also graphic and web designer. Well, all related to communication!

I studied a Bachelor of Science in Communication and besides my love for the communication's world, I love children, I love writing and ...


I Love communication, philosophy, psychology, content creation, children & books; the Alps, the violet color, swiss cheese, positiveness, Light and Joy!

I enjoy classical music, uplifting art and learning about ancient civilizations. My heart rejoices when I meet people living in purpose.

In 2009, I founded Lotus Idea, Communications w/Soul & Purpose (former Lotus Graphic Communication) and one year earlier in 2008, as a way to feel near my cultural roots and get in contact with the Mexican community in Switzerland, I created Mexikored.com

Soon I will be sharing the result of inspired work dedicated to the child in each one's heart. Our child's heart that is truly a warehouse of inner power!

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