Tanit Koch

Journalist in Berlin, Deutschland

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Journalist, former editor of BILD - Germany's largest newspaper.

Before assuming responsibility for the print edition of BILD in January 2016, Tanit Koch held several positions at Axel Springer SE media company, among others as bureau chief of BILD HAMBURG, copy chief and deputy editor of BILD. She also worked within the editorial board of WELT Group. Tanit Koch was trained at the politics and business desk of BILD in 2005/06 and the Axel Springer School of Journalism. She quit her position at BILD and left Axel Springer in February 2018.

Former Nato-Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen asked her to join the newly founded bi-partisan "Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity" (TCEI) in June 2018, in which leading figures in politics, tech and media are joining forces against efforts to undermine Western democracies.

Tanit Koch grew up in Bonn, Germany. Before starting her professional career in Hamburg she lived in Ireland, Spain and France. She holds degrees in law and political science from Cologne and Tübingen University. Her affiliations include: Atlantik Brücke (Young Leader 2011), Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (alumna), British German Forum (2009), Akademische Gesellschaft Stuttgardia (since 1996).

She serves as board member of Deutschlandstiftung Integration (since 2014) and Hamburger Presseclub (since 2012).