Pushpendra Singh

Designer, Artist, and Small Business Owner in India

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Tan & Taw is being created with the purpose of offering luxurious traditional and contemporary styles of footwear to clothing for men. The true essence of elegance is designed to last with timeless and original artisanship founded on the modern philosophy of our brand. We offer an unforgettable value of quality, luxury, comfort, and elegance. We have created an original luxurious concept that gives unbeatable value-for-money in the fashion industry that is high-end. We make these luxury sneakers in India that have a pure and inspiring style by Italian craftsmanship and are available at a reasonable price. They are available in a variety of styles that can be worn for any occasion and add a touch of luxury that helps in increasing the integrity of our designs from our designer who can be purchased online on our website.

Today, there are many brands and styles are available to select from, however, we can provide these handmade dress shoes that are in the local price bracket with an artistic color patina in a fashionable style. Our selection is focused on everyday fashion to red carpet walks and covers all kinds of events that happen for men with an eye given to quality, comfort, and the small particulars that matter.

Our brand is made from the highest quality of calfskin imported from two main nations: Italy and Argentina and that are completely enthralled by Italian culture produce the finest craftsmanship on a piece of leather that is available exclusively via our store online.