Quezon City, Philippines


Tanya Natazsha, nom d'emprunt Kitty Candy in the cyber realm is the soul behind this digital white paper. Just to quote TN:

"Art is the air that sustains my breathing, is my oasis in the ever parched dessert, is my safe shore in the huge waves of the ocean, is the addiction that I will eternally be possessed upon."

TN is an artist of many sorts that has a burning passion and desire for the arts. She tinkers between painting, sketching, sculpting, clothes/bags designing, or simply turning something basic into grandeur, just to name a few. This inclination has triggered her in dabbling with the world wide web which led to creating this community site. The prodigal daughter of both artists who then grew up seeing the art works of her parents way back when she was little. TN sees art in an unconventional manner. She perceives art as,

"Basically it's everything and everywhere and exists anytime or any day, may it be an intricately hand painted tea cup, a small frog under a big leaf as it rains, the night sky sprinkled with twinkling stars, or a busy street in the city with large neon lights and fast cars."

With that being said, she states that even some of the things that some people think are pompous, inconsequential and frivolous are also considered as an art creation. That includes sprucing up by the help of HAIR and MAKEUP styling, NAIL art and FASHION which she is very enthusiastic about and is also the very core why this is launched. Besides the above mentioned avocation, here are some of the things that are immobilizing her reality:
❤ A musician who loves to play the electric keyboard in her spare time especially songs from rocks genres.
❤ A book worm that supports both the classic and traditional way of discovering either by buying books or downloading via eBook.
❤ Amused by the cybernetic and advanced mechanization and is willing to follow and be a part of it.
❤ Plays video games such as Starcraft, Red Alert, Tekken and Call of duty and many more.
❤ She likes to write poems, short stories particularly under the bizarre category and expositions whenever time allo