Tanzila Khan


Tanzila Khan is a story of struggles and accomplishments that has redefined her identity and given her life a new perspective. At 16 she launched herself with her first novelette, "A story of Mexico".

Be it completion of a manuscript or a social charity drive, everything holds a significant place in her life. Keeping her restricted mobility to a side, she has achieved much for any individual of her age and desires to go on. Other than painting and writing books, she likes to work for education and disability rights in Pakistan. Her projects include "I wish Knowledge" affiliated with Global Change-makers (British Council) and The Ramp Movement. She has to help provide a platform to those who hold interests just like hers, she inaugurated her production company, 'Creative Alley', which is purely an effort to cater to those individuals who face problems in making their creations accessible to the world.

After representing Pakistan on National and International Forums, she turns her direction right into the training industry introducing herself as a fresh young trainer affiliated with School of Leadership and the journey continues.