Tapan Mishra

Tapan Mishra

Profession: Business Creation, Solving Business Problems, Sales and Technology Evenglist.

Achievements :

Created a service line (PaaS-platform as a service) from scratch for the first time in my Org.(created a service line of 10 Million/annum from 0 USD in an Year). Early part of 2013, managed complete SMAC sales in the unit.

Broke in to the BPO service line for the first time in 10 years for the account completing the full service aspiration of the account. Also managed P&L worth 78 Million/Annum

Set up Mexico GDC from 0 to 283 people in one year for a large Banking account, operating with 96% local hires and drove the operation to Triple ISO certification and CMM Level 3. The operation grew from 0 USD to 16 Million USD/Year.

Skills : Thinker, Strategy, Sales, Operation, Customer Relationship, Strategic Solutioning, Business Health, Consulting. Organization Leadership.

Functional Areas: HealthCare Systems. Business Risk Accessment, Capital market Operation. Commercial Trade systems. Infrastructure Consulting.

Passion : Music, Programming, Blogging (www.tapanmishra.com), Reading

Likes : Technology, Gadgets, Data Science, Analytics

Dislikes : Procastination, Quitting.

  • Education
    • MBA SALES & SYSTEMS, Bachelor of Engineering