Tara McNamara Stabile

Candidate for City Council in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

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BIG Ideas for a BETTER Hermosa.

I’m an authority in family entertainment working for Common Sense Media. I’ve dedicated my entire professional career to fostering critical and independent thinking in others. As your city councilwoman, I’ll defend and support everything that is wonderful about Hermosa Beach while dedicating myself to being a conduit for the great ideas generated by residents of this best beach city. I'm running in THIS election because I have a path to pay for these project, but we must move on it NOW. 2022 will be too late.

My Platform:

City Swimming Pool.

Parking Ticket Forgiveness Program: One per resident/year.

Bolster Local Businesses by Attracting Visitors:

· Parking Solutions (get PAID for that extra spot in your driveway, when you feel like it).

· Beachside Valet. Families bring a LOT of stuff to the beach. Make it convenient by unloading & loading Strandside, then allowing them to go hang out for the day in Hermosa. No tickets, no worrying about the meter, just convenience.

· Expand Public Art & Combine with Social Media campaign to Attract Visitors.

· Punk Rock Museum

Problem-Solving App. Hate my ideas? That’s okay – I want to hear YOURS. I’ve working on an app that allows residents to come together to solve our city’s problems. Your idea can be submitted in minutes and will get just as much attention as the Mayor’s. Combining the knowledge from Hermosa’s long-time residents with the fresh perspectives of newcomers, the app will give EVERYONE in the city a seat at the table.

Together, we’ll continue to make Hermosa Beach the Best Little Beach City in the world!

  • Work
    • Common Sense Media
  • Education
    • University of Missouri, Bachelor of Journalism