Dismantling Alzheimer’s piece

Dr Tara Pukala is a research chemist who’s fascinated by the billions of molecules that make up a healthy body.
After completing her PhD, her research took her to Cambridge University. But she returned to Adelaide because it offered the technology she needed to continue her work on Alzheimer’s disease.
She now leads a research group who are essentially “dismantling” the molecular building blocks of disease to see what’s gone astray.
Her work is just one of the amazing projects that happen in Adelaide.
Tara’s goal is to build the research team that will pave the way to a cure for Alzheimer’s.
- Dr Tara Pukala, Research Chemist.

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How did you get into research?

I have always been inquisitive and like problem solving, so research always appealed to me.
I got my first real taste of research by completing an honours project in Chemistry, which really reinforced my passion for finding out new knowledge. From there the rest is history - a PhD and postdoctoral studies have led me to managing my own research group and pursuing my own scientific interests.

What’s your life philosophy?

Many of the great discoveries throughout history have been the result of serendipity. My life philosophy therefore is to be open to, and make the most of, the unexpected opportunities that arise during life’s twists and turns.

What would you say to those who think there are limited opportunities
for young people in SA?

It is very easy to assume the grass is greener elsewhere. In reality, SA has excellent educational institutions for job training, including world class universities. There are great employment opportunities across a diverse range of industry sectors, which will increase as the economy continues to grow and technological developments continue to improve. And finally, SA is a great place to work and live.

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