Tareq Salahuddin

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am like a tourist without a camera in this world.

I graduated from Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. But before my graduation, I got involved with professional life starting from The Independent; then worked for The Daily Star; Save the Children, UK; AB Foundation; SAFE; ILO; WaterAid Bangladesh; UNDP (A2I and UPPR Project); Unicef; EEP/Shiree and so on.

I am member of Bangladesh Public Health Association and a Governing Member of World Federation of Public Health Associations. I am registered as a physician at Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council.

Besides my medical profession, I use to work as a graphics designer, web developer and photographer. I love music, writing poetry and traveling across the world. Computer is my passion, love or whatever you can say. I am truly an IT-savvy person.

  • Work
    • The Independent
  • Education
    • Ahmed Baowani Academy
    • Ideal School and College
    • Dhaka College
    • Sir Salimullah Medical College
    • North Suoth University