Tarinan Von Anhalt

Continuing an innovative, abstract expressionist tradition started by her late husband, Prince Jurgen von Anhalt, Tarinan von Anhalt creates a wide range of unique artwork through Jet Art Productions in Miami, Florida. As Chief Executive Officer of Jet Art, Princess von Anhalt brings an extensive background as an artist and entrepreneur to her work, with notable achievements in the cosmetic, nutritional, and entertainment sectors. At Jet Art, Tarinan von Anhalt employs an original technique that combines abstract splatters with modern technology, literally directing paint toward the canvas via the jetstream of spinning jet engines. The resulting artwork has generated widespread recognition for Princess von Anhalt and Jet Art, as she travels around the world demonstrating the technique and creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Most recently, she introduced the concept to the fashion world and showed a collection of “jet art” jeans and scarves at 2012 Couture Fashion Week in New York. In the near future, she will take Jet Art into the creation of handbags and luggage for worldwide distribution. Prior to the formation of Jet Art, Tarinan von Anhalt served as Vice President and Director of International Sales and Marketing for Emerald Greens and Chief Executive Officer of Skintones Cosmetics. The founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Samy Salon Systems as well, Princess von Anhalt developed one of the most successful skin care products for the global Hispanic market. A cum laude graduate of the University of Miami, Tarinan von Anhalt holds a Bachelor of Arts from the school.