Tarlow Design

Based in Sausalito, California, Tarlow Design is a cost-effective product development firm with expertise in all stages of product evolution, from concept evaluation and refinement to business modeling and startup coaching. Under the leadership of its founder, Ken Tarlow, Tarlow Design is committed to helping its clients bring their ideas to fruition within a small budget. Tarlow Design's client base spans from corporate to individuals, with projects ranging from medical, consumer, to industrial and housewares industries.

The firm guides its clients through each step of the development process beginning with product concept evaluation, proof of concept modeling, through prototyping and production ramp-up. Following the early stages in the product's evolution, Tarlow Design assists the client in obtaining the appropriate type of patent. The firm specializes in searching for and acquiring patents for products related to utility and design. Tarlow Design's production support includes source/qualify manufacturers, Oversee and approve Tooling (Design Verification Testing), packaging design and sourcing, product assembly procedures, to quality assurance. Moreover, Tarlow Design further supports its clients by integrating customer discovery and validation practices into the product development process, to ensure product/market fit. Whether the client's path is licensing, starting a business around its new product, or getting investors, Tarlow Design can guide its clients to a successful venture.

Over the past 30 years, Tarlow Design has participated in the development of over 400 products in various industries, and the firm continues to take on new clients. Under the company's supervision, these products have accumulated over one billion dollars in retail sales. To learn more about Tarlow Design and its commitment to turning ideas into products, visit tarlowdesign.com.