Tasha M Dyer

Jacksonville, FL

I am Tasha M Dyer and I am originally from Baton Rouge, La currently residing in Jacksonville, Fl. I am the mother of three beautiful children ages 19, 14 and 10 months. I am a graduate of Columbus State University with Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a MBA from Trident University with a dual concentration in Logistics and Human Resource Management. I retired from the United States Army in November of 2014.

My life changed in 2012 when I took my oldest daughter to a college financial aid night at her high school. That evening, I realized I made to much money for that FREE money that the government gives out but not enough money to pay for my daughter's college. I recognized that while sacrificing so much I was really sacrificing my future by not investing in myself.

I went home to research wealthy people and learned the difference between linear and residual income. I found what we’ve been taught about working harder and longer hours was wrong. Wealthy people are entrepreneurs and teach their children to do the same. This is when I found a unique opportunity to be in business for myself, but not by myself.

I am proud to introduce to you to what I believe is the greatest financial opportunity I will see in my lifetime! Find out for yourself what I am so excited about.

For more information visit www.dream2realitynetwork.org and contact me.

  • Work
    • National Director, 5LINX & US Army
  • Education
    • Bachelors Business Management, Masters in Logistics and HRM