Tathastu Information

Tathastu Information

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited (Founded by Anand Mishra) Has More Than 4000 Dealers across India now.

Innovative thinking and the courage to face professional challenges are something that every brand must face to come on top, especially to the top of the ladder in the IT industry. With the same formulae, today, Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited (Founded by Anand Mishra) company counts more than 4 000 dealers across India and is certainly one of the best. The success has brought this company the opportunity to expand their business and prove themselves in other fields such as online marketing.

Funded by Information TV Pvt. Ltd., the company has invested in the newest technology and owing to their team of experts, managed to complete every project successfully. They have launched many digital spaces, which reached the highest level regarding quality and design. Some of their projects include the creation of news channel websites for India News and NewsX. As they deliver news on a daily basis, these digital spaces met their requirements. Therefore, they made it possible to be accessible online and reach a broader audience. All these websites won the awards regarding their design, which proved that Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is a company that deserves the title of the best company in the IT industry.

Owing to the highly professional team, the company won the award for the Best Website and is certain that, in the future, it will gain more awards and more acknowledgments. Headed by Anand Mishra, the CEO, the company will not stop improving and developing professionally. Moreover, they started developing applications, which immediately attracted the attention of both the audience and the experts. The recognized talent and skill were quickly acknowledged, so the company has won different awards for app development and design.

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is the parent company of the recognized brand Star Infranet, which is attracting customers from all over the world. They understood the importance of a quality digital space and the inevitable step towards the success via online marketing, so they managed to perform every project according to the highest standards.