Dr Tatiana Oldfield

United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Dr Tatiana Oldfield!

I'm a chemist born + raised in Sao Paulo(Brazil) who was based for almost 6 years in the UK for my MSc and PhD studies. I earned my PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Essex in 2015 and I'm currently on career regeneration mode.

My biggest dream is become a science communicator in the UK,where my heart and soul have always been and belongs to.

Science has been a lifelong friend to me. As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut and pursuing a career in STEM has been a natural decision in my life.

My PhD project was on the structural and kinetic studies of metalloproteins. Metalloproteins are a type of protein which feature metals on their composition and are very important to many life processes. You can listen to my PhD story here: http://viva-survivors.com/2015/09/episode-46-dr-tatiana-porto/

I'm also engaged in science communication and Women in Science initiatives (e.g. Science Grrl), which are really important to get the message that science is cool and for everyone. The work of Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin inspire me. I do enjoy watching science and tech shows on telly, which are good practice to see how experts talk about their research areas in a simple way.

Music is another passion of mine - I'm into progressive rock, rock, pop, electronic and classical music. For two years I had a radio show on University of Essex's RED Radio called SX Soundtracks Reboot on which I shared the soundtrack of my uni years. You can listen to a few past shows on MixCloud . My radio work was inspired by the late John Peel - student radio allows you to push the boundaries in musical terms as he did on his shows.

I'm also a big Doctor Who fan, and my Doctor is the amazing Peter Davison(The Fifth Doctor and my favourite actor ever).

"To try to innovate, try to find something new that has not been done before".

- Mike Oldfield, British musician and composer, 2011

(my stage name is inspired by him)