Taxamo is an Irish-based technology company that was inaugurated to help eMerchants comply with the new EU VAT rules on B2C cross-border sales of digital goods.

Taxamo has over 30 years of experience in the payments industry and will help an eMerchant achieve this crucial compliance by easily integrating with their own ecommerce payment page. There is very little for the eMerchant to do. Taxamo’s tailored platform is all that is needed.

One element of the EU’s new rules on cross-border sales of digital goods is the requirement to identify the location of merchants’ customers in the EU. Taxamo’s platform achieves this by adhering to the EU’s rules regarding identification. The burden of proving where the customer is located is on the merchant.

Taxamo solves this headache by compiling the required evidence to locate a merchant’s customer. The rules require two pieces of non-conflicting evidence to be collected.

Examples of this evidence are the customer’s IP address; billing details; and a mobile phone SIM card country code. With Taxamo an eMerchant will not have to worry about maintaining compliance with the new EU VAT rules. Taxamo does all the heavy lifting leaving eMerchants concentrate on what they do best - selling their popular products.