Taylor Kendal

Designer, Project Manager, and Consultant in Denver, Colorado

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Assuming you’re likely here for a bio, sooo... I have 20 years of experience in project/event management, leadership development, digital/social media marketing, instructional/UX design, culture-crafting, improvising, and systems-level hacking of HigherEd.

Currently focused on responsibly hacking consciousness, bridging cultures of entrepreneurship and education, infusing agility and intellectual honesty into bureaucracy, providing organizational solutions and leadership, learning from/traveling to distant lands (virtually and physically), exploring the future of education on the blockchain, and occasionally writing words to help make sense of it all.


If you’d like to get in touch (and I’d really prefer you did), feel free to DM and/or say hello through any of the social links below.

  • Education
    • University of Colorado Denver