Tay and Val


Award-winning filmmakers and inspirational storytellers from Singapore, Tay and Val are living examples of dreamers who have cycled and traveled across the globe on project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True. Having set off in March 2010, they aimed to cycle/travel to as many countries as they can, walk into the lives of local people, and then document their personal stories about their dreams on videos. These videos are then posted on their website as short stories and shared with the world.

With the intention One Dream Shared, Millions Inspired, their stories have inspired many to seek out their dreams and achieve them. On this epic journey, the duo has engaged countless people at hundreds of events to empower them - to do the things they truly want to do and be the person they truly want to be. Watch their TED talks.

Tay is a storyteller who has 12 years of experience working in the film and TV industry as a Director. She has won a World Gold Award for Best Direction at the New York Festivals for Documentary Feature “Little Big Dreams” which was distributed internationally and numerous other awards in South East Asia.

Val is an actress and TV Producer/Director. She has 5 years of experience working in the digital media industry and 13 years of experience in film/TV industry. She won the iJudges award in Asia’s first multi-country online talent competition, iTalenstar; and has contributed to various marketing campaigns that have won the Webby Awards (Oscars for the internet).

Committed to reaching all 50 States of the US; Tay and Val are currently working to inspire others to pursue their passion and follow their dreams through a multi-media book, full length documentary, workshops and public speaking; but really, they want to create a global movement of dreams inspiring dreams...and YOU are invited to be part of it:

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