Tazeen Shaikh

executive assistant, Student, and Project Manager in Los Angeles, California

Hi. I’m Tazeen.

I live in Los Angeles, CA and my life is vigorously stellar. I spend most of my free time surfing the net, reading or bla bla.

I like talking gibberish, going to a café on my own, sipping my coffee and feeling good about my myself, using my pc, lmao’ing, driving, devouring chocos and sleepin!

I love myself and my iPhone. Never learned to curb my tongue. I treat things with levity, like funny things, and people with a good sense of humor. I just love to Laugh.

So not an attitude freak. I have a very inquisitive nature, love to learn new things.

I am blessed with a beautiful family. Mum, dad and a tiny lil brother (not that tiny.. he's 18!). We fight a lot, at one occasion you will see us fighting like cats and dogs and the very next moment you’ll find us giggling about something mum said. I love my dad.

Currently working as an EA to CEO and with awesome bunch of work fellows, for a great organization. Love my job!

I am really excited to see how my life turns out (^_^)

Email me at: TazeenShaikh@about.me

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