Ted Newcomb

Consultant, Director, and Small Business Owner in Phoenix, Arizona

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Happy grandpa, trying to keep up with the digital future. Systems Integrator and Consultant for 20 years. Most of my work has been in the resort and hotel industry (30 years). Curating on Digital Culture and Sociology of the Web. Interested in the Global Village(s); crowdsourcing efforts for good ideas to solve the issues confronting the planet. Also like sci-fi and historical fiction and co-host Inkwell.vue on the WELL and host a topic on Digital Culture there as well.

Over-educated with 3 Masters Degrees: Religion, Theology, and Philosophy (Ancient and Medieval)...paralleled the theology with the philosophy. Was a paid minister in several denominations for 10 years in Southern California.

Focused on systems integration, networking, collaboration and cooperation, co-learning, Knowledge Gardens (PLNs and KM). Life-long learner

  • Education
    • Claremont Graduate University