Tom Winter

St. Louis, MO

Tom Winter plays violin, electric violin, and viola for orchestras and churches in the St. Louis area.
Tom began studying violin at the age of six, receiving professional instruction from Joseph Kaminsky for a number of years. He was also a member of Kaminsky's studio, The Kirkwood Academy of Music, where he performed in public venues such as Walt Disney World and Busch Stadium.
He is active in several ensembles currently. He plays first or second violin in the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra, the nation’s oldest orchestra of its kind, founded 1860. He now also plays first violin for the St. Louis Civic Orchestra. On occasion Tom has been hired for the Alton Symphony Orchestra, conducted by his Lindenwood academic advisor Wm. Shane Williams. Williams also conducts the Lindenwood University Symphonic Orchestra, where Tom serves as concertmaster. Tom also plays in the Lindenwood String Ensemble, Lindenwood Jazz Combo, and the Lindenwood String Quartet. Tom enjoys working for the Keough String Quartet, a St. Louis-based group which plays for weddings, galas, cocktails and other special occasions.
Tom loves to play violin, and desires to make a career out of his passion. He considers himself a gifted performer and likable, straightforward personality. His music-related goals for the long term include DJ-ing and producing electronic music professionally. He will always continue to play for church, and sees himself reaching out for Jazz, Rock, and Broadway violin gigs as well. He will conduct his first live orchestra this Spring. He checks for free online classes in his area of interest, and has learned from Berkley Online professors Loudon Stearns and Gary Burton on the subjects of Music Production and Jazz Improvization. Other classes such as Audio Engineering, Writing Like Mozart and Music Technology continue to supplement Tom’s Music Business degree.
Tom plays a 1927 German violin handmade by Heinrich T. Heberlein Jr., used with his great grandfather’s Pernambuco wood bow. His viola is made by K.C. Strings and features a dark mellow tone and a beautiful ebony birthmark. His electric violin is a dark blue Yamaha SV-200 used in conjunction with a Boss ME-70 multi-effects processor. His studio equipment includes a Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface, Ableton 9 Suite, M-Audio Oxygen 49 keyboard, and an MXL 770 Mic.
In addition to music performance and scholastics, Tom enjoys reading Agatha Christie murder mysteries.


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