Thibault de Changy

Product Designer in Bruxelles, Belgique

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It's all about building well focussed projects in all what brings involvement to everyday life. Subjects are endless, even software user interface (UI) & experience (UX) are part of those interests. People as you need and want beautiful yet streamlined stuff to ease their life.

Bringing new interactions is absolutely challenging and that's the main reason why I find it so exciting - I like being a problem solver!

In the end, sharing experiences and receiving people's happiness is the greatest feedback of that journey. It's about building relations that hold out on time and overcoming an actual excess of over-branding.

" Stay ensured we definitely entered an experience based era. "



A small showcase of my abilities :

Regular portfolio - a few samples from studies till now.

Alt portfolio - 3D renderings.

+ Pulsar : A work-in-progress music app to change your mind about your daily listening habits.



Do you face issues solving your problems around your product ? Take an external point of view, I'll be glad to hear about it. Call me for whatever project you have, it's always rewarding to meet new people and learn about each-other.

I can't wait hearing about you.