Techmoja Dance & Performing Arts

Wilmington, NC

Donna Joyner Green Producer/Executive Director of the Crystal Coast based, Techmoja Dance & Theater Company.
This trailblazing company was born out of un-selfish true love, and that love remains the nucleus to this very day. Originally the brainchild of Donna Joyner Green’s late husband, Lee-Y Green. It began as a tribute-gift for his son Kevin Lee-Y Green because he discovered that his son was going places in in the Performing Arts, and would lead others to greatness in the interim. Later, Donna took ill and had to have a Kidney Transplant. Kevin Lee-Y Green is the youngest of the Green’s 2 sons, the eldest child, is Nicholas Green, Sr. Of course the entire family was deeply affected by Mrs. Green’s illness and transition, but young Kevin attached himself to his Mom so tightly that it began to hinder him.
After Lee-Y Green passed away and she regained her strength and the transplant was a blessed success, Donna took the reins and did all possible to help empower Techmoja. For many reasons but primarily to help provide an outlet for Kevin to embrace and teach others interested in the Performing Arts. To help them re-focus on the original plan for this invaluable organization and its important mission ahead.
The company’s primary goal is to produce quality performance for the spectator and the performer.
The Techmoja Dance & Theater Company provides an outlet for creative artists of all ethnicities, whether trained or untrained, with hopes of fostering an abundance of talent. Inspiring those who dream and understand that true talent, “has no color, shape or size… just talent.
Techmoja Dance & Theatre Company produces some of the most entertaining productions ever heard or seen! Open calls for each production vary throughout the year, but everyone is welcome to apply or audition. Those inquiring are asked to contact the company and “not be shy in leaving a message” they will respond.
To: (910) 228-6679 Email: [email protected]

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