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I am a man who spent most of my life behind the wheel of a truck crisscrossing the lower 48 states and Canada for about 30 years. I am a partly service connected Army Vet from getting in the way of a lightning bolt. I didn't win that one, it is also something I don't recommend for folks, it can mess up the rest of your life. I retired due to physical problems in June of 2013.

This blog is going to be a mixture of poems I have written over the years and opinions I have formulated through out my life's experiences. I am a married Christian man who has studied Bible Scripture since I was about 10 yrs old. I was brought up in the Church of Christ, married a Jehovah's Witness lady for about 18 of the hardest years of my life. I will not make negative comments about her but she was verrrryyy difficult to live with to be kind about it.

When I was a young lad going to the Church of Christ they did a good bit of the neighborhood door knocking evangelism. The Church of Christ doctrine teaches that they are going to Heaven and everyone else is going to Hell. They didn't want me to study what the other religions taught, Christian or otherwise. The problem I had with this was, if we were correct and they weren't, how was I suppose to know what other folks were wrong about? So, I have spent many years studying other Christian teachings as well as teachings of many non-Christian faiths. No matter what I am speaking about I will always do my best to tell the truth as best I know it. I hope you will check in once in awhile, read my work, and leave me your thoughts good or bad. Thank you for your time, I appreciate you.


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