ted stourton

Artist in residence, Ted Stourton creates his creations in his basement studio at the Camelot Castle Hotel, located in Tintagel in Cornwall surrounded by its breathtaking scenery. Over 1000 of his designs are hung on the walls and as one of the most productive artists of our times, Ted Stourton has created around 7000 multimedia creations over the last 6 years.

As a British artist, the UK is very proud of Ted Stourton as in Spain of Picasso and in France of Monet. On a par with these great artists in their prime, is an opinion shared by a host of wealthy and successful people, including Russian business tycoons and international celebrities, who have a sharp eye for excellence and imagination.

Ted Stourton continues to thrive and pursue his dream and this continuation of his work bears witness to his power and energy. Stourton believes that all collectors should enter into a symbiotic relationship with the artist and he believes it is his purpose to grant such a fulfillment. He feels that if he can help in any way in making this happen, and help make people's dreams come true, then his mission in life is being realized.

By catching the imagination of aerial photographers, children, celebrities and world opinion makers, visitors are invited to visit Stourton's 'Ripple of Peace' project, carved into the natural landscape on the Cornish Headland at Tintagel, so that they can understand and contact the real value of peace at a time it has never been more needed. Parents whose children are troubled by mention of War and Terrorism have discovered that by encouraging their children to visit the 'Ripples of Peace', they have found it has an immensely positive effect on them.

Plans are currently being made to create a replica of the sculpture in the Saudi Arabian Desert.

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