Ted Vickey PhD

Consultant, Personal Trainer, and Public Speaker in San Diego, California

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Those of you that don't personally know me might think that a 40 year old starting a PhD doesn't fit into the norm. Those of you that DO know me know that I never do things just to fit into the norm.

So why am I doing a PhD in fitness and social networking? Because I can and because it allows me to work with two of my passions - fitness and technology (my third passion is golf - Ireland in the summer and golf go hand in hand).

After my 11 years at the White House Athletic Center and running my own management consulting company, I wanted a new challenge in life, a break from corporate American and wanted to live my bucket list (I've had my list since 5th grade). One of the bucket list items was to live in Ireland, the other was to get a Master's degree (did that at the University of Limerick in International Business). The PhD was a natural progression in my long term goal to be THE expert of fitness and technology.

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