Filipe Teixeira

Consultant and Software Engineer in Aveiro District, Portugal

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My name is Filipe Teixeira and I have a Master degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering specializing in embedded systems firmware, software and accompanying hardware design.

I have specialized in three main areas:

► Development/testing of embedded software for Microcontrollers/SOC/FPGAs using baremetal programming or OS/RTOS such as FreeRTOS, Linux or VxWorks.

► Development of IPs and integration in FPGAs with connection to embedded processors or SOC devices.

► Development of custom C#/C++ applications to aid in the development/debug of SOC/FPGA/microcontroller systems.

Main strengths / Specialties:

► Development and optimization of software/firmware in C/C++ and assembly code for microcontrollers(Bare-Metal Programming) and using OS/RTOS such as FreeRTOS, Linux or VxWorks.

► Development of C/C++ code for Microcontrollers/ASICs/SOCs.

► Programming of several microcontrollers, including MSP430, Piccolo F2806x, C2000, PIC16, PIC18, XMC4500, NIOS, ARC processors, Picasso Processors.

► C# programming for .Net platform.

► Development of GUIs in C# (.Net) with connection to hardware (microcontrollers/FPGAs) to test functionalities.

► FPGA circuit design in VHDL and programming of embedded processors (mainly targeting Altera Cyclone V).

► Debug using scopes, protocol and logic analyzers

  • Work
    • KulzerTec
  • Education
    • MSc in Electronic and Telecomunicactions Engineering
    • University of Aveiro