Jersey City, NJ

If it's technology, I love it, I want it and I will have it. My wife does a pretty good job putting up with my other love (she comes first of course!). It all started with a computer my family bought in the 1990s from QVC that had a 486SX CPU running at 33mhz and Windows 3.1. At first I was a bit nervous about using it but then something got wrong (surprise!) and Windows wouldn't boot so I started to dig into the autoexec.bat and config.sys (remember those?) and soon I knew this was what i wanted to be involved with for the rest of my life.

20 years later, I have two degress in Computer Science, a tech-oriented career, a new smartphone every 3-6 months and all kinds of gadgets and devices that I can't even keep track of.

What excites me more than anything else is the new, the ideas not yet implemented and the people that stretch our expectations of technology into the realm of fantasy - then make it a reality.