Tejasri Relangi

Tejasri presently studying in 3rdClass in Brilliant Grammar High School, ECIL, Hyderabad. She is a meritorious student and got Merit Medals in LKG, UKG, Class I and class II.


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  5. Baby Tejasri Relangi (DOB 2nd Feb 2005), a class II student of Hyderabad does many a mental speed calculations feats. On 12th May, 2012, she made (1) 50 sums of 2 digit X 2 digit multiplications in 4 minutes and 46 seconds, (2) 30 sums of dividing 3 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers in 5 minutes 24 seconds and (3) four addition tasks involving 5 rows of 9 digit numbers in 2 minutes and 12 seconds. The performances were done in the presence of Memory Vision at Vijayawada and all tasks were 100% acurate. - Limca Book of Records.
  6. Baby Tejasri Relangi (born on 2nd February, 2005) from Andhra Pradesh, India calculated 20 sums of 4 digit / 2 digit divisions in 8 minutes 47 seconds, 20 sums of 3 digit x 3 digit multiplications in 4 minute...s 54 seconds, 4 sums of adding up 10 rows of 9 digit numbers each in 3 minutes 53 seconds and 1 sum of 3 digit x 3 digit multiplication in flat 9 seconds. The event was conducted by Wonderkidz Arithmetica at the Press Club, Baseerbagh, Hyd on 09/06/2012.