Terence Hicks

Author and Social Science Researcher in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Terence Hicks is an author and lecturer revered for his research in the academic field. He currently stands as President of Hicks Research Consulting LLC, a research evaluation and assessment firm. To date, Hicks has published 10 books and contributed to a plethora of research-backed publications, including peer-reviewed articles and presentations.

Terence Hicks is best known for the following academic research publications: Black Administrators in Higher Ed., Research Studies in Higher Ed., An Instructional Companion Guide for The 21st Century Ed. Leader in The Classroom and Beyond, High School to College Transition Research Studies, The Ed. Lockout of African Americans in Prince Edward County, Virginia (1959 – 1964), Spirituality Research Studies in Higher Ed., College Student Self-Efficacy Research Studies,andFirst-Generation College Student Research Studies.

Hicks Research Consulting LLC is a comprehensive consulting company led by Terence Hicks, a seasoned Statistician and Quantitative Research Methodologist. As President of the outfit, Hicks calls on his extensive experience as a social science researcher and research analyst. Having conducted research analysis for over 20 years, he brings his real-world experience to the table. Currently, Hicks Research Consulting is available by appointment only, both in-person and via telephone/video appointment.