Teresa Cuervo

Translator in Miami, Florida

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I am a language professional that specializes in marketing and advertising text and web copy for small, medium, and large sized companies that want to reach international markets by promoting their services or products to a larger audience.I have been freelancing since 2007 in the marketing field. Although at this time it was mostly geared towards market research, translating surveys and TV commercial scripts, it also gave me a sense of how to" speak" to the Latin- American market, particularly as I translated the marketing scripts. Here you got to see what they valued as a consumer and what they expected from their marketers.Yet, recently I have found great interest in the internet and social media. I find it fascinating how one can reach in a short period of time, a global audience within all these social media platforms. However, reaching them does not mean you are connecting with them. It does take more than language fluency to have them connect, engage and respond to your brand. It takes a bit of acculturation or localization as we call it in the industry. Here is where you adapt your message to fit and be understood by your target market.

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    • http://hispaniatranslations.co
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    • Florida International University