Teresa Peters

For the past 20+ years I have learned from successful leaders what it takes to make a network marketing business work. I have learned the skills to succeed and enjoy teaching others what I have learned. My husband Dan and I joined a company called Evolv Health that I truly believe will be one of the most successful MLM companies. EVOLV has products resulting in help with many health issues. Recently they came out with weight loss products, that truly curb your appetite and an all-natural energy drink. Evolv Limitless is an "all natural" capsule made of the pigment of the beet that has been scientifically tested and been proven to relieve joint discomfort and inflammation in many cases but specifially in osteoarthritis. Evolv's high-tech cPrime Performance Band highly benefits your body's balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Many celebrities are choosing to wear the cPrime Band such as A-Rod, Tebow, Dustin Johnson, Gary Levox and many more. The company’s owner, Trey White, and CEO, Brent Hicks, both very successful businessmen, have a 10 year business plan for EVOLV. Together they have created an opportunity for the normal person to earn more than an average income. In less than 5 months we had already earned a Mercedes Benz and unbelievable bonus checks. We have since earned dream trips and a cruise. Our team has been one of the fastest growing teams in EVOLV due to our commitment to the team’s success, not just the individual. If you are interested in joining me in this “once in a lifetime opportunity”, either as a "plan B" or to add to your current income, please visit my website at http://www.joindnt.com where you will find my contact info or just give me a call at 740-504-5178.