Terra- Norihiro Terazawa

Storyteller at Terra storyteller, Managing Director at DISC, and Nature Farmer in The Hague, Netherlands

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Hi, my name is Terra, I'm a Japanese and I’m a storyteller based in The Hague, Netherlands.

I am passionate about storytelling and the fact that story has a power to connect people instantly.
Story can stimulate us to think in different perspective, and allow to have a common vision creatively with others.

Telling story is a such fundamental thing for us as human being.
And I know from this place of connection/union, many things spring out; such as art, healing, self-development and problem management.
I would like to help you through storytelling and I offer following services;


§ Consult and story writing of your vision/company

Do you have your vision, you are passionate about what you do, but you don't know how to form it in words?
Yes, then let me hear your story and let me write your core value into an intriguing story. (fictional or non-fictional)

In this way, your vision will sink deeper in the reader's eyes, and become unforgettable.


§ 1-2-1 Storytelling Coach

No matter how you want to grow your storytelling skill (artistically, practically or other) I will walk with you every steps of your growth and ensure you are in the right path.


§ Storytelling workshop facilitation

I am passionate teaching also to the groups and I believe in the power of group learning.
My strength is especially on teaching personal story(inside out) also, I offer various storytelling workshops that will fit your need both artistically and practically.
Contact me for further details.


§ Applied storytelling practice for shifting the perspective/problem resolution

I use the applied storytelling practice method created by the storyteller, Sue Hollingsworth (MBA). This work will activate your thoughts, feeling and willing simultaneously under the imaginary circumstance that is reflection of the of the group/individual issue .

I assure you will walk out not only with inspiration but with motivation and keys to solve your puzzle.


§ Coaching on business storytelling pitch

Do you know that great speakers always know how the story works in their pitch and they use it effectively?
Just bring your ideas and I will guide you to the level that you have a great pitch, and full confidence in your body.


For further information about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me and let's have a talk over cup of tea or a glass of wine.


(+31) 6-8556-9931

(photo by Ralph Kämena)

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