Terrence Ho

Brother, Traveller, and Connector in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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My purpose is to create the "Ah-HA" moment in each being's growth with love, compassion and encouragement. I'm blessed for the experiences life has given me and has inspired me to innovate and advocate for persons with disabilities and ageing.

One of my biggest influences is my younger brother who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an inherited progressive muscle degeneration disorder. Together we formed a not for profit, Equal Grounds to tackle the challenges he and many of our friends with disabilities faced in finding and doing meaningful work.

I'm currently into lots of podcasts; Tim Ferris Show, Freakanomics, TED Radio Hour, The Moth and Vinyl Cafe are some of my favourites. I also have the travel bug with my most recent adventures across Canada, Nepal, India, Malaysia and Tanzania where I summited Mount Kilimanjaro and reached Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas.

Connect with me if your business or organisation want to be more inclusive. Or if you just want to talk about accessibility and care for persons with disability and the ageing contact me below.

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    • Ryerson University