Terrie Lloyd

CEO in Tokyo, Japan

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Terrie Lloyd -- The Basic Facts

Founder of 17 start-ups in Japan. Specialties are business development, problem solving, recruiting talent, sales, and networking. When not running Japan Travel and MetroWorks, I do cross-border consulting for tech start-ups, mostly for companies from the Americans and Oceania. Services line-up can be found at www.terrielloyd.com, and include management consulting about the market entry process, partner search, back office operations, and
nominee directorship.

Born in New Zealand. Naturalized as Australia in Sydney Town Hall in 1982. I have lived in Japan for 35+ years. Married to Kumiko, who hails from Kyushu. Lucky enough to have four wonderful daughters and one equally wonderful son: Yukie, Niki, Eva, Leo, and Monica. Hobbies include: starting companies, concocting health drinks, writing, traveling, and riding road bikes around Japan.

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    • Japan Travel KK, MetroWorks KK