Terry Cornell

Chief Government Interaction Officer in Chicago, Illinois

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As a United States Air Force veteran, Terry Cornell Jr. exudes the values of professionalism, perseverance, and attention to detail. He brings these qualities to each of his business endeavors and strives to help others and provide his expertise wherever he is needed. Terry not only dedicated years of his life to serving his country but continues to devote his time to helping disabled veterans whenever possible. His strong background in law and public policy have allowed him to excel in a multitude of roles over the course of his career. Terry is also an active member of numerous organizations in his community.

Terry Cornell Jr. has demonstrated exceptional leadership and remarkable competence in his field, consistently exceeding expectations. With nearly two decades of industry experience, it is no surprise that Terry has held numerous prestigious positions throughout his career. Since 2001, he has been an esteemed Lobbyist at Government Liaison Services, where he effectively represents both companies and individuals in local, state, and federal courts. His dedication and expertise have enabled him to excel in this role, establishing himself as a trusted advocate for his clients.

Several years later, Terry embraced additional responsibilities when he assumed the contracted position of Hearing Officer for the State of Illinois. This significant role involved the crucial task of assessing petitioners' eligibility to reinstate their driving privileges after driving under the influence. Terry approached this challenging responsibility with unwavering diligence, ensuring that each case was meticulously evaluated and decided upon. His commitment to fairness and thoroughness garnered recognition and trust from those involved in the legal process.

Impressed by his exceptional performance, Terry was offered the position of Chief Government Interaction Officer at Peoples' Home Equity, an opportunity he wholeheartedly embraced. In this capacity, he worked closely with the government affairs, business development, and loan origination teams, effectively supporting potential homebuyers in their quest to secure mortgages. Terry's expertise and collaborative approach were instrumental in streamlining the homebuying process and assisting individuals in achieving their homeownership goals.

Today, Terry Cornell Jr. continues to make significant contributions, leveraging his expertise and experience to foster success and support the needs of his clients.