Terry Rogaczewski

Teacher in Las Vegas, NV

Terry Rogaczewski

Teacher in Las Vegas, NV

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Terry Rogaczewski is a survivor of police brutality and was wrongfully incarcerated. His story is featured in the docuseries, “Residuum,” which you can experience Part I here.

Terry has a remarkable work history, serving his community for decades as a marine animal specialist, animal rescuer, EMT/paramedic, and a National Park Ranger. He moved to Las Vegas in 2012 to serve as a law enforcement officer at Nellis Air Force Base but was unable to start his position due to an unfortunate event that has changed the course of his life.

On the night of November 3, 2012, Terry fell under the influence of Ambien, a controversial sleep aid that sometimes causes sleepwalking. He had been prescribed the medication to help him sleep. That night, he was shot at 21 times by two Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers, and hit 3 times. He awoke in the hospital days later with no recollection of what had happened.

Terry was then wrongfully incarcerated for 5 years. The police had lied saying that he shot at the officers which was what prompted them to shoot him. He learned that he had never actually fired at the officers at his pretrial after a year of sitting in jail. Despite the police's dishonesty, Terry was still facing possibly 54 years in prison. It wasn't until one of the officers who shot him got fired for getting another DUI that Terry was offered a fictitious plea deal, which he took because he didn't want to chance facing 54 years.

As a gay man in jail, Terry had to be very careful to not allow his sexual orientation be known, as correctional officers and prison culture are known for being discriminatory towards homosexuals.

Terry was finally released in 2016. He now works as an instructor helping new EMT students and as a medic on production sets, however he is barred from many employment opportunities because of his felony, one he received for simply taking his prescription medicine.

Currently, Terry is applying for a pardon so that he can return to his life of saving others. You can sign the petition to show your support. Also, he has over $100K in medical bills due to being shot wrongfully by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. You can donate here.

Thank you for your time and support!

-The Terry Rogaczewski Support Team