Mike Tessai

Dallas, TX

Techno / Minimal / Tech-House

Direct dj.tessai@gmail.com
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Why do we dance? Is it because all your friends are there, the song is in the charts or the club is doing well? Calling an “info line” from an event flyer for details in the 90’s was common, so was sifting through recent releases at the local record store. That’s where it all began for Tessai while performing for radio stations and residencies alike. By 2005, he received an invite to play at Otakon in Baltimore, MD for one of the largest anime conventions in North America.

After ten years Tessai rediscovered his techno roots which inspired the performance in Santa Fe, NM, for a music festival with over 300 artists and 60K attendees. Later, The Entropy Series was a techno-house driven podcast that quickly became a fixture in 2012 that broadcasted live, while drawing support from Hawaii to Hiroshima over the next two years. During this time, Tessai co-founded JupiterOwl Recordings with label partner Strix. And most recently, turning his talent towards production, Tessai has already shown to be just as creative and versatile in the studio as in the DJ booth. Tessai truly displays the ability to connect with a crowd and rise to the occasion in both worlds... Thanks for listening.